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Why We Do It

Corepack Manufacturing, Inc.  was founded on the premise that quality is free and doing the job right the first time is what we take pride in.  We flat out got tired of seeing companies raked across the coals with so called "quality products" being delivered only to find that the co packer has a very flexible definition of the term "quality".  Why should there be a chasm between quality and manufacturing management teams within so many contract manufacturing companies?!  Why, when companies get to a certain size do they kick the very customers that helped them get their start in the first place to the curb or if not the curb, to the back of the line.  Why after a quote (not estimate) is accepted and work is completed do co packers hike the price up when the original price is one of the reasons you were drawn to the co packer?  Or, why when a co packer states they are certified with a long list of certifying bodies cant seem to provide the proper documentation supporting those claims? Why can't a customer expect a cost savings year over year?  Finally, why oh why can't there be true transparency.  Any customer should have access to any information as co packers should act as an extension of the customer.  These are the questions we have been asking ourselves and potential customers for years.  It shouldn't be this difficult right?  There are times when customers may be enticed by seemingly greener penny saving pastures only to receive a nasty welcome to the above mentioned problems that plague the industry and immediately see the effects on their bottom line.   Make no mistake we will not fall into this cyclical pitfall of so many co packers.  This is why Corepack Manufacturing, Inc. is in business and will continue to thrive in this industry for years to come. We have answered these industry failings and nuisances with innovation and dauntless conviction.   Come see why our customers have been with us for decades and don't jump ship over a few pennies.  We are relentless is passing savings onto the customer and not costs.  For us, it comes down to this, "Say what you do, do what you say and prove it."

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